Dermaroller / Skin Needling

Dermaroller / Skin Needling


This treatment is suitable for all skin types and skin concerns and for all ages (over 18 years). This collagen infusion treatment traumatises the skin to the epidermis layer allowing the body to naturally heal itself to achieve incredible results. The skin responds to this treatment in a similar way as it would act to an injury, the small amount of bleeding that is produced by the Dermaroller releases powerful growths factors which increases collagen and elastin within the skin. A course of either 3 or 5 is recommended depending on concern and skins condition.

The skin is cleansed at the start of the treatment followed by a aesthetic numbing cream. This is left on the skin for a minimum of 30 minutes. SrS Meso Serums are placed on the skin during the Dermaroller procedure. After a cooling SrS Oxygen Mask is applied all over the treated area. This instantly cools and soothes the skin aiding the healing and recovery process a lot quicker. Helping to reduce any irritation and erythema on the surface of the skin, increasing hydration, boosting cell metabolism to create new collagen and elastin cells which fights aging. To finish an SrS Reskue moisturising cream is applied and a high SPF (30/50) is recommended to be placed on the skin an hour after the treatment (this can not be applied immediately after the treatment)

Dermaroller procedure and the Intensive Oxygen Mask.

 ( This will take 1hr and 30 mins )

Single Dermaroller treatment – £210

Additional areas: £60 per area 

Course of 3 Dermaroller – £540

Course of 5 Dermaroller – £890

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Monday 27th August: 10:00am — 4:00pm

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